Today’s Date

Today, the 17th of July, 2018.

Today it rained. I can hear a siren off in the distance and the sun is starting to peak its warm face through some dark clouds. The siren no doubt belongs to a firetruck, as I am sat opposite a fire station…

I’ve started up this blog to write things that people might be interested in, and that I also am interested in. You’d be able to find all of these things on the dashboards of your smartphones, on the Facebook and Twitter streams, and on the television news waves at six pm. The difference is that I’ll be reporting it, and that it’s no longer really breaking news, and that there will probably be a biased tone. The name of the blog reflects the fact that the World Cup has just been and gone, with France beating Croatia by two goals. It was a good story, a team full of young and natural talent (France) overcame a team who worked really, really hard to get to the final (Croatia), but were ultimately dashed. One thing is for sure, the rest of the world cares much more about football than we do in Australia. I sometimes wonder what we do care about down here in Australia.

Also, one of the highest paid athletes in the world, Christiano Ronaldo, has just transferred from the prestigious Spanish football club ‘Real Madrid’, to the Italian ‘calcico’ club Juventus. The man is thirty-three years old, has won five ballon’dors (the equivalent of a best-actors Oscar in Hollywood, but without all of the unsolicited sexual advances), and is regarded by many as the Greatest player Of All Time, or GOAT for short. Who else will leave their club for great riches and fame this season? There have been rumours that Eden Hazard and Harry Kane could be leaving their respective clubs in England for the glory of Spain. We can’t take these transfer rumours too seriously though, after all, it was alleged that Diego Maradonna would be coming out of retirement to join the L.A Galaxy after his energetic performance in the crowd during Argentina vs. Nigeria.

This is all I’ll write about for now, there’s always more to say, always more to learn, always more happening. Next time, football and the environment.



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